21 comments on ““A” plus #atozchallenge #disability #iamwriting

  1. I can’t begin to imagine how I’d handle something like that, but I’m a survivor so I’d find a way. I’m glad your handicap is temporary. (I “liked” this post)
    Lexa Cain

  2. You have the right attitude and that’s what really matters. There are those who are mentally disabled and you will accomplish far more than they. Rock on and glad you joined the Challenge.
    You should meet my blogger buddy Father Dragon Al. I think you two would really get along.

  3. I love the idea of looking at something as akin to creating a dragon one scale at a time! I wrote the first book in my series while I had only 10% of my field of vision due to an illness. At the time, I wondered if I would ever get my sight fully back, and I poorly much of my struggle for survival into that book. How did I start a new chapter each day? By sitting down and writing despite the way I was feeling. My story was an escape that made me forget about what I had to deal with. Good luck to you!

  4. I once injured my right wrist and at the time had no access to a computer, so I learnt to write with my left hand. Now that was a challenge.
    Good to hear your disability is temporary.

  5. Beautifully encouraging… your metaphor of building one scale at a time is courageous and inspiring. As much as it saddens me, it gives me hope to know that the human spirit can overcome whatever obstacles are placed in our path – if we choose to do so. Be proud, we have much to look up to, and forward to, from you! 🙂

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