25 comments on “Challenge Beyond Yourself #writing #atozchallenge #drawing

  1. That was an epic fail on my behalf lol I don’t think any of my pics were recognizable!! If it’s not out of line may I ask what happened to your fingers? Prayers for a speedy recovery! God bless!

    • The beginning of the year I fell on ice (on our porch) and broke my wrist (the hand I write with). While I was recovering from surgery (it may have been the first time I had been out on my own) I again fell on ice crusted beneath my boots. No breaks but I sprained an ankle and the other wrist. As a mom with two kids still at home I felt like the rug of life had come out from under me. In the midst of my tears, I realized there was one thing I could do – Pray for Crimea (this was before the overthrow). I have many friends in Crimea (people I taught and worked with). Thank you for your prayers and I appreciate any and all prayers for the dear people in Crimea who already had so little now they have less.

      • Oh my goodness! You should stay inside until there’s no more ice! So sorry to about your luck. Sometimes all we can do is pray. God bless you sister!

  2. It is true that as we grow up we also grow more used to our comfort zones and our habits. we are quite unwilling to break them unless the situation forces us to do so. But the truth is with a bit of hard work we can do a lot more than what we believe is possible! I’m participating in the challenge as well and look forward to reading more!

  3. You have challenged me and I’ll let you know the outcome. I’m almost certain it will be an epic fail…lol

  4. Both hands were pretty ugly drawings. The off-hand drawing was much tougher than I expected. Haven’t tried the teeth yet. That would look really odd at work.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Returning the favor. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. Well, your mouth drawing is so much better than mine; mine’s nothing more than a scribble. My left-handed one isn’t too bad, considering I never use it for writing. Thanks for a fun challenge!

  6. This post is timeous – amazing!
    I’ve seen an advert/phone number for mosaic lessons outside this particular house that I drive pass every day, for over 2 years now, but have procrastinated in contacting the lady…
    I phoned her this afternoon… can you believe it? THIS AFTERNOON? And now I’m reading this post!
    I made a booking for a class – and I’m definitely going!
    Thank you for the reinforcement!

    And I wish I could draw/sketch. I’ve said it a million times. But for now there’s the mosaics…
    Writer In Transit

  7. Your pictures were outstanding compared to what I managed. I drew (and I’m using the term loosely) all over my desk, stabbed the back of my throat more than once misjudging the distance, and have an awful taste left over in my mouth. A great and very enlightening challenge. (By the way, I tried it with my dominant hand too, and your scale is still better than mine!)

    • Nina – too bad we couldnt have laughed together while stabbing our mouth. That’s why I have a sore today. Thanks for “going for it.”
      I drew a pair of tennis shoes today and they are terrible. Maybe in 100 years I’ll manage a cardboard box.
      Dragon hugz!

  8. I tried and failed miserably! Not too bad with my dominant hand, but I also managed to stab myself many times in the back of my throat! You think I would have learned or given up, but I persevered and finished it. Thanks for the challenge that has me looking at what’s truly difficult in a different way 🙂

  9. I feel your pain. I fell at the skating rink holding on to the hand of my 3-year-old granddaughter. Broke my dominant wrist. I practiced writing my name with my right hand until it looked like a signature so I could sign checks, etc. That was a year ago and my scar serves as a reminder of how grateful I am for the use of all my limbs, and to have a strong, healthy body. Your post about Barb just broke my heart. There has got to be justice in the next life, as there often is none here. Gail

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